UX Writing is designing the words that humans use to interact with technology.

When it's done well it means

happy users & effective processes.

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Government Websites

With 14 years in government, I have been fortunate enough to improve several systems, including writing copy for a multitude of audiences.

An phone-and-paper service request system is now fully web-based used by hundreds of employees every day.

A filing-cabinet parking management system is now fully electronic & managing over 500 parking spaces at a dozen buildings.

On over 20 webpages I've fine-tuned language, forms, & procedures with humans in mind.

With audiences that include agency heads, maintenance crews, contracted personnel, & the general public, I've learned to listen, understand, & adapt governmental policies & procedures for multiple usertypes.

Pat Mac's Food Services

He's since closed the service, but for years I managed the online ordering service for Pat Mac's weekly food delivery service. I created his order forms and information pages, and also built & provided all copy for his overall website.

Website Copy Writing/Editing

I provide copy writing & editing services for multiple websites, including:UltimateOutdoorCooking.comEmmettCommunityPlayhouse.orgSherryJaphet.comMUAJaphet.info

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I believe modern tech must care about the experiences of users. That's what drives me to write UX content that works.

I am of an age [ahem] that saw the birth of the internet, world wide web, social media, influencers, and even 4chan.

I also remember multi-volume encyclopedias, rotary phones, and bicycles.

What drives my UX Writing is a passion for modern web tech plus a dogged determination to not leave humans behind.

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